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The following are the steps to be followed for installing the solution.

1. Create a picture library and assign appropriate permission 

 a. If "User1" creates a column, he must have contribute permission in the above created library.

b. Please add "NT Authority/authenticated users" with "Read" permission in the above created library.

2. Install the solution "MultipleImageUpload.wsp"

3. Recycle the application pool and also do an "iisreset"

4. Navigate to Site Actions --> Site Settings --> Manage Site Features

5. Activate the "Multiple Image Upload Field Type" feature. ( The user who activate the feature must have the permission for "Creating document library and then to upload files - files less than 1 MB -- js files)

6. Once the feature is activated you will be able to find the column named "<label for="onetidTypeMultipleImageUpload">MultiChoice Image".</label>

7. Create a column with the above type selected and you will be displayed with the list of picture library and select the library which was created in step 1.

8. Browse the image and click add icon to add the picture url in the memory and once you click the "Ok" button, all the images will be uploaded to the picture library with the unique guid.

9. Now you can start adding items to the list and you can feel the power of field type.

Note: You can maintain multiple columns of the same type in the same list and there won't be any conflict.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any clarifications.

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